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About Us

German owners Ingo and Grit Schleuss came to New Zealand in 1999 looking for a better lifestyle and have been on an epic ride ever since. From starting “The Company Branding Shop” in little ol’ Levin as a two man band in a small factory to now having a real name “Kapinua” and a fantastic team of 8, loaded with skills, motivation and a larger premises, they’re living the dream.

We specialise in customising techniques, including printing custom made garments, flags and banners, as well as customising and supplying a wide range of pre-made garments and textiles.
Not meaning to brag or boast but our company has the best quality embroidery around and are well advanced in our embroidery techniques.

As well as this, our sublimation printing is hitting the roof! So after extensive research we are now going beyond our borders and exporting to Germany.

We’ve tried to stay true to our core belief – Quality Customisation – and to deliver exceptional products and services for our community and beyond. We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us on this awesome journey as we have grown, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

We just launched a new 3D proof viewer for sublimation printing, one of our most exciting products yet. But the best is yet to come. Check out the timeline below to learn more about our past and to get excited about where we’re heading in the future!

Anyway enough about us – let’s talk about you. Whether you own a business, are in a sports team, and want your uniform/company to stand out from the rest, you need Kapinua,
we will take care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on being you.

“Got all the shirts and they are by far the best tees I have ever seen! I’m over the moon!”
Jordan Decker
“Thanks heaps Kapinua for the new uniforms they really made our day having a new kit and also a win to take home!”
Whenua Fatales Roller Derby League
“I’ve sent the gear out to the teams and they are just as impressed as we are with the quality, the embroidery is the clearest we have ever had it and it looks fantastic!”
“By the way thanks alot for the work you guys got through for Mystery Creek, as always you guys are FRIGGEN AWESOME!”
Flick Short, Swazi
“Thanks Ingo and Grit! The touch tops have come out AWESOME! Wish I had more uniforms to create haha just to get more! absolutely love em! Thanks!”
David Le
“Very good working with you guys! Service was great and I look forward to seeing the results! If I ever need shirts or anyhing I’ll be sure to use you guys in the future and refer you to my mates”
Will R.
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