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Image for Standard Embroidery

Standard embroidery

is perfect for text, and other simple messages, logos and graphics. Don’t be fooled by the simple name – there’s so much you can do with standard embroidery. We call it “standard” as it doesn’t use any extra-special techniques. If you do want extra-special techniques, that’s not a problem – we can use any combination of techniques together.


Image for 3d/Puff

Make your design stand out with 3D embroidery... Literally!

3D or otherwise known as “Puff” embroidery is great for simple text, logos and graphics, allowing it to pop out giving your embroidery some edge. This method is achieved in two ways: with layers of stitches atop one another, or by embroidering over top of a foam.

3D / Puff

Image for Applique


is, essentially, the art of embroidering fabric onto more fabric. Rather then using thousands of stitches to fill large areas why not fill those areas with different coloured and textured fabrics? This method can have some amazing effects!


Image for Emblimation


is a special technique that we have developed ourselves, it is used to help achieve fine detail and colour fading when stitching just doesn’t quite cut it. The detailed part of the logo is sublimated onto a white fabric, that fabric is laser cut and is used as an appliqué in the design. Once the fabric is stitched in place then any embroidered extras can be added on top giving it something completely unique!


Image for Badges

Badges or “Patches”

are similar to appliqué, and are a versatile way to get something onto fabric. They can be used to patch things up, or to make sew-on badges. Badges can be attached to a garment later, rather than embroidering straight away. They are strong and durable.


Image for Special Embroidery


When you need your design to stand out from the crowd, ask about our special threads. We offer a range of metallic threads from Madeira such as, foiled, glow-in-the-dark, matte and woollen threads. We can even provide flame-retardant threads! Threads can be mixed and matched to create something truly unique.


Well, you may have thought that sequins went out of fashion in the eighties, but the potential for eye catching designs with these sparkly little discs is huge! No matter what your design, it can be enhanced with the addition of sequins. If you really want your design to be noticed, look no further than sequins.