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Textile Printing

Image for Vinyl Print

Standard vinyl transfers

are perfect for text, numbers and other simple messages, logos and graphics. The vinyl is cut with a plotter then weeded and pressed onto the fabric using heat. Vinyl prints have a higher durability than screen print and are more cost effective for smaller quantities. We have a wide range of colours to choose from.

Vinyl Transfer

Image for Vinyl Extra Print

Vinyl Extra

  • High Visibility
  • Reflective
  • Metallic & Glitter
  • Clear gloss
  • Flock
  • Denim
  • Carbon
These special vinyls have great effects and truly stand out, they can also be mixed with standard vinyls.

Vinyl extra

Image for Digital Vinyl Print

Digital Vinyl

is the process of inks printed onto a white vinyl and then cut and heat pressed. This is a great option to achieve colour fading or multiple colours where screen printing, sublimation printing or multiple vinyl colours do not fit due to cost or fabric type.

Digital Vinyl

Image for Special Print / Rhinestones

Specials: Domes and Rhinestones

Add a little “bling” to your garment using these! Perfect in combination with vinyl prints or embroidery, add just a few or create a full design using them.


Image for Screen Print

Screen Printing

is a great way to get a design printed, either in one colour or full colour. Inks are forced through a screen onto the fabric and then dried, leaving a clear, crisp image that’s ideal for almost any design. This method is great for large quantities and offers more colour options than a vinyl transfer.

Screen Print

Image for Fabric Map


The Fabulous Fabric Map
Have your Topo 50 maps printed this way and you’ll never have to replace them! These are sublimated maps onto a durable, waterproof, stain and tear resistant fabric. The printing is vibrant and preserves the detail of the map. You can fold it however you want or need.We can supply maps that cover all of New Zealand!


Image for Sublimation Extra Print

Sublimation Extra

Sublimated garments and maps. We use sublimation printing for other great things too!

Bar leaner covers

Get creative with these!
Personalise an event or use decorative designs

Flags and Banners

3 metre high flags, tear drop or rectangle shapes available.

Sublimation Extra